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Nearly five years have passed since ORB began transmitting their doomy fuzzed out signal from Geelong, Australia. What began as three former garage band mates Zak Olsen, Daff Gravolin and Jamie Harmer (The Frowning Clouds) experimenting with a heavier sound,  quickly evolved into a project that has been expanding exponentially ever since.

Hidden and honed beneath a scorched surface, ORB’s debut tape ‘Womb’ was released to underground appeal and community upswell in 2015, ripples and whispers of their live shows formed a legionic following that rapidly increased their burn time. Doubling down in the same year ORB made their vinyl debut with their ‘Migration’ 7”, thus marking the launch of their looming satellite.

Aligning with Flightless Records they joined the likes of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, as part of the lineage of celestial bodies floating and crashing their way around the Earth.

From the great enveloping cosmic dark, ORB realised their maiden long player ‘Birth’. A bio-engineered, proto-metal payload of dystopian sci-fi. ORB’s sound is born, symmetrical guitar and vocal melodies across a backline built to withstand re-entry, the beginnings of a catalogue of songs that are thematically and sonically monolithic.

Electrodes attached by starlight to a petri-dish, allows pathogens to infect pickups and synthesizers to awaken synapses on ORB’s sophmore project; Naturality (2016).

From homage to homageable, this synth singularity allowed ORB to take on new life, a living breathing entity complete with dynamic arrangement, intuitive jams and a sign of so much more to come.

Riding the inertia of Naturality, ORB successfully navigated a massive run of international touring, including huge tours of Europe and a US tour with King Gizzard, including an impressive 11 shows in 5 days at Austin’s South by Southwest.

Beautiful echoes of the past/warnings of a dark future permeate ORB’s fourth and most recent release ‘Space Between the Planets’ (2018). It’s here that ORB delivers on their hinting throughout their previous records. They’ve flipped every switch in the starship and expertly spun the controls this way and that. Fans of their previous releases feel an immediate pay-off with waves of wah and fuzz drenching globular bass lines and the punchiest of rythyms, poignantly struck. ‘Space between’ sees the ORB sound diversify, a new face/a new phase as clever 60’s rock songs like Silverfern (a reference to Olsen’s New Zealand heritage) that have a the Neil Young ring of a true classic.

It’s now that ORB have successfully bottled lightning in their live show, with the addition of Flightless label mate, guitarist Cal Shortal (The Murlocs). Their live sound actualized in a way that makes waves through a crowd seem involuntary and electric.

It may have only been half a decade since ORB ‘s signal began radiating into the darkness, but since then its been honed amplified and diversified. To be honest we should all be terrified of who or what out there might hear it...


General Manager:
Eric Moore

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